Tuesday, 21 July 2015

A SECRET cafe to Hang out for Party!

tang tang tang tang...
Let us put our hands together to welcome this FABULOUS cafe in town!
T.B.F cafe!
for its nice ambience and its QUALITY dishes here!
It is absolutely a place that you don't wanna miss out in PJ!
Please check out their website for booking purposes!

 Spanish tapas

salted eye chicken! ( all time FAVOURITE!)

chicken chop

wow! what an advertisement on its own serviette!

Kid meal

roasted duck slices

gourmet burger! 

Cheesy pizza! 

Sunday, 19 July 2015

The Hottest GirL downtown!

Let's us welcome the hottest GirL downtown! 
Anne !

She always wear the most beautiful attire every day! 
It is her sweet smile!
Do you know that a child smile almost more than one THOUSAND time a day!
how about you?
Do you think you smile that much? 

Saturday, 18 July 2015

Think what NONE think

Read every day something no one else is reading.
Think everyday something no one else is thinking.

I met Dennis Lau the other day.
He elaborated about his journey becoming a musician.
It started with typical chinese family...
in which his mother forced him to practice playing piano every day...
until he hated piano so so much!

With his determination,
he managed to become ...
who he is TODAY!

( one of the song I love so much)

I just want to put a SMILE on your face!

    Surprise!!!             & Morning!!!             
Happy birthday to      my dearest Wife! 
Alice! It is always wonderful to see your 
smile first thing in the morning .....
Nothing more important than...
having you by my side 
and walk this journey 
with me!

Happy Birthday ! 

It is time for the FIRST STEP!

She is fearless. 
She sits.
She crawls. 
She takes her very first step...
to stand on the ground by her own!
Her world is limitless, no boundaries! 

If only we, 
the adult,
can learn from the baby...
to take the very FIRST step
in our life,
to embark a new mission, new life! 

Pic 1: Another milestone achieved! 
The moment she can stand with support!

Yes! I can DO it!

Hurray! I took my FIRST step!

Sunday, 15 February 2015

Happy Valentine for year 2015

I would Love to live like a river flows, 
carried by surprise 
on its own wave...

Thanks for being my valentine...
for 13 years...
and as my wife for 2 years...

The Journey is still way long down the road...
Let's the journey ...
fills with joys and surprises!